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Why I started Arrowhead

I’ve spent my entire life helping leaders lead.

It never fails. Whenever I come to a new place, like a magnet, I immediately seek out the leader, roll up my sleeves and ask how I can help. It’s how I serve in my church, how I volunteer in my community and especially how I have spent my career in government, high tech, and the not-for-profit sectors.

Even when I was a kid, my brothers would call me the “third parent” because I was always telling my mom and dad how to do a better job keeping us in line!

In a very real sense, I started Arrowhead to do what I have always done – to help leaders lead.

I truly believe we have a better world when we have better leaders. But beyond the philosophical motivations, it just fires me up to help leaders build remarkable organizations, to achieve their goals, and to find meaning and purpose in their work and in their lives.

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