Inspire others by leading with watchfulness

Inspire People by Leading with Watchfulness

If you are feeling unsure about what it takes to inspire your people at this unprecedented moment, you are not alone. We are in a time when leaders are experiencing pressure to offer some sort of inspiration amid much confusion and uncertainty. Some are rising to the occasion. Some are hesitating – unsure of what to say and afraid of how what they have to say may be received.

As leaders, the best way we can inspire others is through the authentic inspiration that comes from within ourselves and from the experiences we encounter immediately around us every day.

Cultivating that attention to ourselves, our inner lives and to our experiences is something ancient wisdom writers called watchfulness. We can grow as leaders and inspire the people around us by growing in watchfulness.

Becoming Students of Our Own Lives

At any given time, there is so much going on around us that we can learn from and share with others. Some of the most effective counsel we can offer to our people may be something we learned for ourselves just 24 hours earlier. The more, therefore, we can become students of our own lives, the more we will have to pass on to others.

As leaders it is easy to give ourselves a hard time about what we could possibly have with which to inspire people. But if we become students of our own lives then we constantly have something real, something tried and tested to pass along.

In our current times, when we hear of leaders labelled “ignorant” or “tone deaf”, chances are we are hearing of leaders who need to grow in watchfulness

When we encounter entrepreneurs and marketers deeply attuned to the needs of their clients and deeply engaged in shifting their organizations to meet those needs, we are encountering leaders practicing watchfulness.

When we see business owners and managers admitting their failures and making amends for past wrongs, we are seeing watchfulness in practice.

The advice and inspiration you have to offer is you – your perspective, your authenticity, and your unique experiences.

To learn more about how to inspire people by leading with watchfulness, read the full article here.

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