Our President and Head Coach

Sean Reid has two and a half decades of experience leading and building high-performance organizations, and helping leaders lead at all levels of the enterprise.

In his career, Sean has worked in government, high tech, and the not-for-profit sectors. He’s worked for organizations with 100,000 employees and organizations with 3 employees. He’s worked with a diverse, intelligent and highly accomplished network of leaders, co-workers and employees. And he’s learned from every one of them. He’s made a ton of mistakes and experienced some major successes too.

Sean has learned, and grown and become the coach and consultant he is today, because of all of these experiences.

Through it all, Sean has learned that the path every leader takes in building a remarkable organization starts with a clear vision, committed team and consistent execution. And he’s learned that the key to finding joy and meaning in our life as leaders is discovering for ourselves the way to lead with authenticity and complete integrity to the unique set of values and gifts that make us who we are.

This is the focus and commitment Sean brings to every executive leadership coaching, leadership development, and operational planning engagement: defining and achieving vision aligned with values.

An ordained deacon at his local church, Sean lives in Grimsby, Ontario with his wife and their two daughters.

What clients are saying about Arrowhead's President and Head Coach...

Sean's coaching has helped me add steadiness to my thoughts, recalculation of my relationships and has allowed me to see the picture of my day to day life in a clearer way. Every session has been rewarding and worthwhile.
Ashwak Farhoud, Property Manager
Mississauga, ON
Sean has a unique ability to think outside the box and encourages me to take a look at items in my life from a different perspective. His coaching abilities are refreshing, thoughtful and trustworthy.
L.H., Not-for-Profit Executive Director
West Niagara, ON