Executive Leadership Coaching

Effective one-on-one leadership coaching can make the difference between organizational struggle and success. That’s because every new stage (for better or worse) in the life of an organization demands more from its leader:

  • More clarity of vision and core values
  • More attention to planning and execution
  • More connection to people and teams

The leadership skills, mindset and habits that got you this far may not be what you and your organization need in the next chapter of the journey. 

Arrowhead’s executive leadership coaching solution is designed to help you communicate more clearly, execute more efficiently and connect more deeply without sacrificing authenticity and integrity. 

At Arrowhead, our leadership coaching is focused on helping senior executives in growth-oriented organizations embody and convey their vision and core values with clarity and confidence every day, in every aspect of work and life, both in the office and away from the office. And we equip you to operationalize that vision with consistency and focus across your enterprise.

Our approach emphasizes the leadership mindset and how to consciously approach any relationship, crisis or opportunity with purpose, focus and energy.


Having a clear vision and complete alignment to the principles, priorities and people you cherish most is the key to your personal satisfaction as a leader. And it strengthens employee engagement, team alignment and operational focus and productivity. In short, it drives growth and sets the very best organizations apart from the rest.

If you are feeling unsatisfied with your effectiveness as a leader and are hungry for more impact, more confidence and more connection to the people and priorities you care about, Arrowhead’s executive leadership coaching can help.

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“Sean (Arrowhead’s Head Coach) asks clever questions that get me thinking in a different way.”

Kyle McLoughlin, CEO, Ironwood Arboricultural Solutions

Guelph, ON