Be the leader
your team looks up to

Arrowhead’s 1-on-1 leadership coaching can equip you with:

  • More clarity of focus
  • More connection with your team
  • More confidence to achieve your goals

Together, we will develop the plan, mindset and tools you need to achieve your goals and lead with more clarity and confidence. 

Lead with clarity and confidence

You want to be the kind of leader everyone turns to when the stakes are high. But you don’t have a clear plan to achieve that goal.

You’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, and completed the management courses. You’re overwhelmed with all the generic advice and have no idea how to chart your own path.

You are not alone. Many leaders face roadblocks on their way to success:

  • An inner critic that questions every decision
  • The stress of juggling everything alone
  • Pressure to plan effectively and execute flawlessly
  • The need to communicate with clarity and authenticity at all times

Leadership was never meant to be done alone. You need someone to walk through the journey with you.

That’s why at Arrowhead, we offer a 1-on-1 leadership coaching program designed to help you develop the plan and the mindset to accomplish your goals and overcome any roadblocks holding you back.

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What Can You Expect From Your Coaching Experience?

Arrowhead’s standard 1on1 leadership coaching program includes: 
  • A comprehensive assessment of your leadership mindset in normal circumstances and under stress
  • An insightful inventory of your core values and what truly matters most to you in work and life 
  • A clear plan for your leadership development aligned with your values
  • Bi-weekly, 1-hour coaching sessions for the support, insight and accountability you need to achieve your goals
  • On-demand, 20-minute troubleshooting calls with your coach between sessions as needed
  • Unlimited email and text communication with your coach to help you stay on track
  • Practical tools to help you be an effective leader in any situation along the way 
 We’ll also equip you with helpful skills and strategies to address any stress, anxiety, or uncertainty you may experience on your leadership journey.
"I am so grateful for being introduced to Sean and for the support his coaching has given me at a critical stage in the development of our organization. His wisdom, presence, and experience have been especially valuable to me. It has been tremendously helpful to be able to discuss business challenges and feel understood, encouraged and supported - both as an individual and as the leader of a team. I've been searching for this kind of guidance for over a decade!"
"Sean has worked with me to help advance my career to the next level. He was great from the initial meeting, taking time to understand what I wanted to achieve, and helping me craft a plan accordingly. Sean is very intuitive and has a great ability to see through the unimportant ”noise” quickly, especially where | needed clarity in identifying the stumbling blocks. Sean creates a balance between coaching, mentoring and challenging that has helped me grow my leadership capability and credibility. It has been a pleasure working with Sean."
Sahar Gaya
Director, Transfer Pricing
KPMG Ireland

Ask Yourself The Following Questions…

Do I have a clear plan to guide my growth as a leader?

Are my relationships with my team as strong as they should be?

Am I consistently showing up as the leader I want to be?

Am I a confident leader?