Plan and execute your vision
with confidence

Effective operational planning and execution is more than a once-per-year “strategy” event, or a dusty binder that sits on your shelf.

It is a habit lived out every day by every employee at every level of your organization, no matter how big or small it may be. It’s a continual conversation that engages all contributors to your organization’s success, regardless of where they sit in the corporate hierarchy. 

Effective operational planning and execution is defined by clear vision rooted in measurable, long- and short-term outcomes, articulated and embodied by the senior leadership team, and embraced and implemented by every person in the organization.

At Arrowhead, we empower construction leaders like you with a proven methodology for operational planning and execution, first developed by Reid Eddison. Our process helps you define a clear vision for your organization, turn that vision into an actionable plan that engages and aligns your entire team, and monitor execution and operational performance against that plan.

Our unique approach equips construction business leaders like you to tap into your core values and purpose, ignite new focus and energy, and ensure consistent alignment as your organization grows and prospers. In short, we help you create a strategy cascade – connecting the dots between long-term vision and near-term execution across the enterprise.

The result is a more cohesive, aligned and accountable organization, accelerated growth, and sustained success.

Regardless of where your organization is at in the maturity of its operational planning and execution system, our solutions will make a difference. If your leadership team or construction business could use a fresh boost of vision, energy and alignment, we’d love to help.

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“Arrowhead was able to guide us through a very collaborative, jam packed session that has truly helped shape the strategic direction of the organization.”

Genevieve Groat, COO, Padgett Business Solutions – Grimsby

Grimsby, ON