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VIDEO: Focus on the “HOW” of your culture when onboarding new leaders

Organizations can stumble in hiring a new leader or acquiring a new team by neglecting the “HOW” of their culture during the onboarding process.

Some of the best leaders struggle in new organizations, not because they don’t buy in to the “WHY” of a company (vision and values, etc.) and not because of the “WHAT” (i.e. they lack the competency to be a capable leader), but because they are not aligned to how things get done in their new organization.

Every company has a unique “HOW” built into their organization. Ensuring your new leaders understand and align with that “HOW” is critical for their success and the success of your organization.

In this video, Arrowhead President Sean Reid underscores the importance of focusing on the “HOW” of your culture when hiring a new leader or acquiring a new team.

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