Setting a goal that is clear and unifying

Setting a goal that is clear and unifying – why it matters

Setting a goal that is clear and unifying really matters.

It is a truth repeated in every significant historical moment, every great epic tale, every memorable film:

The way out of every crisis begins setting a goal that is clear and unifying.

That one milestone every team member needs to work toward to usher in future prosperity.

Because, history is equally clear on this point: leading through a crisis without setting a goal leads straight to chaos.

It is easy to slip into a reactive posture in this moment; simply responding to the next fire that needs putting out.

But we weren’t made to live that way. And it shows in the performance of our teams.

We were made to live with purpose. We were made to work toward something bigger than the confines of our cubicle. We were made to always be moving forward, getting better, growing. We were made to set and pursue goals.

Right now, every member of your team needs to be crystal clear about what he or she is working toward. Your team needs its common cause. Your team needs to know it can count on you and each other. And they need to know why. What is the milestone they are working toward and giving so much for in this challenging time.

You don’t need to be extra heroic in this moment. But you should strive to be clear.

Here are three simple strategies you can employ to give your organization the focus it needs right now:

1. Align your leadership team around a clear, unifying goal. Everyone needs to be on board. No bystanders. All hands on deck. No one is half in.

A clear, unifying goal. Launch a key product. Unveil a new online store. Complete the hospital renovation project on time and on budget. Deliver a new COVID-19 support service for your clients.

Whatever it is, every member of your leadership team must be clear on it and fully on board.

2. Communicate with clarity and confidence your clear, unifying goal to all staff. Make sure everyone knows what they are working toward right now, why it matters, and what their role is in the success of that endeavor.

3. Repeat and report progress often. You really cannot over-communicate right now. Start every meeting with a reminder of that clear, unifying goal. Run every decision through a filter: how does this help us achieve our goal?

Let your people know that what they are doing is making a difference and regularly call out the successes that are propelling your organization toward its destination. Celebrate every step toward your goal.

Leaders need to be intentional with their focus and communication right now. Confident organizations will prevail in this crisis. But there is no confidence without clarity of focus.

Begin today to rally your leaders around a clear, unifying goal. Share that goal with your organization. And repeat and report regularly on your progress.

It is not super clever or charismatic. But it is essential.

The most successful organizations in the world emerge from adversity driven by a clear, unifying goal.

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