Faith at work

Faith at work: Our thoughts determine our leadership and life

From time to time, on this blog, we’re going to talk about matters of faith at work.

It is no secret that faith informs a lot of what we are about here at Arrowhead.

It reminds us of the common dignity of every person, regardless of their status in society or their standing on the corporate ladder.

It reminds us that genuine servanthood is the defining quality of great leadership.

And it reminds us that each of us were made to live and work for something more than the dollars in our bank account and the label on our clothes.

You don’t have to share the faith of another to learn from it. You don’t even need to see outward displays of faith at work to benefit from it.

So, it is in that spirit that we are launching our “faith at work” series every Friday (#faithatworkfridays).

A chance to share a little morsel of timeless wisdom on leadership and work from some of the great faith leaders past and present.

As we go along, feel free to drop your own bit of faith at work wisdom in the comments below, regardless of the perspective you may hold.

This week, we are sharing one of our favourite quotes from a 20th century Serbian monk who reminds us that our thoughts are at the root of everything we do.

In leadership and in life, beneath every action we take and every emotion we express there is a thought. Sometimes that thought is empowering and edifying for ourselves and for others. But often that thought is destructive, undermining our effectiveness – an inner critic, a victim blaming others, a prideful lord standing in judgement of those around him or her.

We can have thoughts that help us and thoughts that distract us from what is helpful.

What thoughts are defining your leadership and life today?

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