Coaching for Orthodox Christian Homeschool Moms

Align your life with your values

Homeschooling is tough.....

You want your children to see Christ in you, but you struggle to keep your head above water. You need support to be able to live with purpose, intentionality, and focus.

... I see you and I can help!

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How I can help:

You are looking for a coach who will help you to:

  • reconnect with your values, re-focus your priorities, and take action to better your life
  • nurture a peaceful home environment by learning how to handle your difficult thoughts and emotions
  • establish life-giving patterns within your day, week, and year
  • embrace and support family members (or yourself) with the challenges of ADHD or autism
  • invest in your own spiritual, mental, and physical health

Perhaps you have been feeling lost, lacking in focus, and unsure how to move forward. You are hungry to design a life that feels more meaningful and less chaotic but you don’t know where to start.


My name is Bethany Reid. I live in southern Ontario, Canada with my husband, Deacon Sean, and our two teenage daughters, whom I homeschooled for many years. I know that homeschooling is a challenge! I know what it is to have high standards for myself and my family but to struggle just to keep chaos at bay. And I know that the stakes are high. That’s why I am passionate about helping people like you!

Many rich experiences have shaped me into the coach I am, including education: a BA, BSW, and Adler Foundations coach training. I am also trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), having at my disposal many tools and skills to help clients identify and pursue their values and to deal more effectively with any difficult thoughts and feelings that get in their way. I have also experienced the deep learning that comes from living through a variety of life circumstances such as cancer, adoption, and parenting, including several years of special-needs parenting. I am also an avid reader and researcher on topics of mutual relevance to me and my clients.

I attend an Orthodox Christian church with my family, where my husband serves as a deacon and I serve on the parish council. I have a deep love for God and the Orthodox Church, and I find joy in helping my clients align themselves with their values and take concrete action to improve their lives.

ADHD and Autism Friendly Support

I have had a special (and personal!) interest in the conditions of ADHD and autism since discovering that my family is much more neurologically diverse than I had realized! Although I do not have ADHD-specific coach training, I have much to offer clients with ADHD and ASD due to extensive self-directed learning. I feel a deep kinship with autistic clients and those that have ADHD, and with those who have neurodivergent children or family members. My coaching practice and experience encompass many without these conditions as well.

What differences in your life can you expect from coaching with Bethany?

  • the relief of being heard, understood, and supported by a non-judgmental coach who has been there
  • the peace of mind that comes from taking action aligned with your values
  • accelerated progress toward your goals
  • skills and tools to handle difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively

What is included in coaching with Bethany?

How much does this cost?

* In case of financial hardship, I am happy to offer a discount.

Testimonials from Past Clients