One-on-One Coaching
for Homeschooling Moms

Parent with Peace, Purpose, and Joy

Reconnect with Your Vision • Re-Focus Your Priorities • Re-Ignite Your Enthusiasm

Over 17 Years Parenting
and Homeschooling Experience

You had ambitious plans, amazing enthusiasm, and admirable ideals when you started homeschooling your kids.

Mom drinking coffee

Yet, the daily reality is very different from what you had imagined:

  • Resistance from your kids leaves you riled and resentful
  • Competing demands leave you drained and defeated
  • No time for your own interests leaves you discontented and depleted
  • Lack of supportive relationships leaves you lonely and languishing

You want to provide your children with the best possible environment and education.

But rising to that challenge requires you to be your best self.

You need an ally to help you achieve that -- a caring and nonjudgmental coach who can help you to:

  • Hold space, to gain perspective on your reality and to reconnect with your dreams
  • Remember what inspires you, so you can help your children find their joy as well
  • Identify your top priorities and overcome obstacles to achieving them
  • Strengthen your confidence to parent in a way you feel good about
  • Align your day, week, and year with what you value most
  • Locate the strength to parent with peace, purpose and joy


Bethany lives in southern Ontario with her husband, Sean, and their two teenage daughters, whom she has educated at home for many years. She has employed an eclectic approach to homeschooling, and has a soft spot for Charlotte Mason’s methods.

Many rich experiences have shaped Bethany into the coach she is, including education: a BA, BSW, and Adler Foundations coach training – and the deep learning that comes from overcoming many obstacles, including difficult relationships, cancer, and infertility.

Her joy is finding meaning and gratitude in the midst of struggles. In her spare time she enjoys re-inventing forgotten nooks and crannies in the house, as well as dabbling in sewing, lettering, illumination, and singing. Bethany attends an Orthodox Christian church with her family, where her husband serves as a deacon