high-integrity leader and how to be one

The high-integrity leader and how to be one

At Arrowhead, we help high-integrity leaders grow their companies and their careers while remaining faithful to the people and principles they value most.

What is a high-integrity leader, you ask?

It means different things to different people, of course.

But for us, the attributes of a high-integrity leader start with this:

  1. A leader who values the growth of her character more than the growth of her bank account.
  2. A leader for whom authenticity is essential and vulnerability is a virtue.
  3. A leader who sees himself as he really is: a work in progress, making mistakes along the way, but capable of remarkable things.
  4. A leader who cares as much about how and why things get done as about what and when things get done.
  5. A leader who sees an employee or colleague as a person, and a company as a collection of souls longing for purpose, growth and fulfillment in their lives and in their work.

How would you describe a high-integrity leader?

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